Aki and Sheila Abe

selling our home as I’m sure other home owners can share this feeling with empathy. With Chris we never had to explain our emotional attachment to our home as he simply understood and knew what to do. He is respectful, not nosey, and had done all his homework to ensure we maximize the value of our home and our time. The most incredible thing…
he was able to sell our property and buy us a new home in the same week. A home we now gratefully live in knowing he gained the respect of the selling agent to direct us to a final sale with the owner’s approval. Chris made all this happen while coordinating a modest front page interview with Globe and Mail Real Estate weekend edition for the sale. As a family of four we inherently value the intangibles in life and with Chris we felt the mutual understanding that leaving a home close to the best chicken wings in town is a close second to finding us a new home near a hockey rink for my 8 year old.

Thank you Chris!”