Janet Moody & Christian Burks

our home, a condo in downtown Toronto, after interviewing a number of realtors who had experience representing buyers and/or sellers in that market, with the prevailing criteria being his open and direct communication style and skills, his responsiveness to questions and requests, his prior success and reputation in the market, and particularly for his being a quick study, both on our motivations and priorities in selling and on what might attract buyers to our unit in particular.

We enjoyed working with him: he was able to structure the timing of and approach to listing and showing the unit to accommodate our being mostly out of town, the departure of a previous tenant, and the preferences of the condo corporation. His advanced preparation allowed him to move quickly when the unit became available, and the info he provided us in advance allowed us to understand the process leading up to and following the sale.

And, finally, we were delighted with the outcome: our unit sold at the high end of the comparable market after one day of showing, to a buyer to whom we were delighted to leave our home.”